Explore Rooftop Solar with Legací Power | 2018-02-15

Legací Power an investor in and developer of ‘cheaper cleaner power… faster,’ confirms that its Solar PV Business is deliberately entertaining and inviting enquiries for rooftop solar solutions from residential customers.

Legací Power stresses that our focus on residential applications is not at the exclusion of commercial and industrial customers, but rather a commitment to closing the gap in affordable service offered to the residential customer in South Africa relative to options availed to the same market in overseas territories far less endowed with free sunshine resource.

Legací Power offers three primary options of accessing the benefits of cheaper electricity while contributing to the creation of sustainable environments within our immediate communities, as well as the globe at large.
  • Outright System Purchase: the customer invests in and owns the solar system from the onset, benefitting from net savings accumulated over the typical minimum twenty five year life of the asset
  • Energy Purchase: subject to site conditions and energy usage profile, the customer enjoys a lower electricity tariff by using a solar system deployed on their property at no cost to them, over an agreed twenty-year period.
  • Combined Energy & System Purchase: same as for the energy purchase option with an agreed premium to enable solar system ownership transfer to the customer at the end of a ten or twenty-year period. 

The sales process is generally typified by the following.
  1. Enquiry: the customer expresses their interest and primary objective in switching to/using solar power, enabling the start of a discussion that establishes property location, and energy usage profile. 
  2. Site Survey & Consultation: a site inspection will clarify local conditions and a brief consultation process will enable our sales advisors the opportunity to gather information and advise on ways to optimise energy efficiency and thus maximise return on customer investment.
  3. System Design & Quotation: the foregoing enables custom design to suit energy usage profile and goals while ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, and an optimised offer in line with our creed.
  4. Approval: we follow laid-out regulations in ensuring that all installation plans have the approval of the requisite authorities prior to installation and putting into service of the systems, and the related lead-time needs to be factored into customers’ expectations.  
  5. Execution: tier-1 products and technology integrated to world-class standards with a passion for complete customer satisfaction throughout an installation process typically not exceeding a couple of days of combined time. 
  6. Enjoyment: following commissioning, testing and certification, the customer enjoys the ceremony of switching-on their brand new system and full bragging-rights for adopting cheaper cleaner power! Systems are delivered with a monitoring platform that fluently facilitates this!
  7. Added Benefits: by simply convincing others to explore solar with us, customers are recognised as Legací Power Solar Ambassadors and rewarded financially each time a reference converts into a sale, further reducing costs of switching to a solar lifestyle!  

Currently, outright purchase customers enjoy the least lead-time to enjoyment with most of the time being allocated to authorities approval over a few weeks.

Energy purchase options currently necessarily have an additional milestone prior to ‘Execution,’ that is, the full subscription and closure of a portfolio of committed power purchase agreements - typically corresponding to circa eighty (80) units, necessary for financial closure on the related deployment fund.

This however, can be mitigated by our Community Programme, that rewards customers seeking to go solar, for advocating within and mobilising, their immediate community to join the move to solar and explore solar together through a group/community enquiry. Legací Power will then pass efficiencies achieved from addressing group installations back to our customers to make their migration to solar even more cost efficient! 

Legací Power encourages all property owners - typically households and businesses with monthly energy bills of at least ZAR 1,500 per month, and even not normally shaded roofs on solid structures, to reach out for cheaper cleaner power by requesting a free consultation and quotation for their preferred purchase option, the first step on a swift journey to energy independence!

The offering has launched in Johannesburg initially, and is set to expand geographically as well as demographically across the country.
Legací Power invests in and develops cheaper cleaner power... faster! 

Our interventions across the energy value chain are fuelled by a determination to deliver on this promise for the benefit of our customers, staff, investors, community at large, and planet earth.
Energise tomorrow… today!
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