Legací Power Launches Solar Ambassador Programme | 2018-02-16

Until recently, Legací Power’s Residential Rooftop Solar Business was structured to benefit directly, homeowners by providing cheaper electricity to power their lives, investors by packaging rooftop solar PV portfolios into investable assets of reliable return, and indirectly the community and planet at large by doing all this in a cleaner and more sustainable manner.

“However, even as we work towards expanding our applications and solutions geographically beyond Johannesburg and demographically across all of society, cheaper cleaner power… faster, needs to benefit as many people as possible even now” contends Legací Power’s Founder, Godwin Ndisengei.

“It is that kind of thinking and our overwhelming excitement at deliberately (- not opportunistically) supporting Residential Rooftop Solar customers,”  that has led Legací Power to launching its Solar Ambassador Programme, even at this early stage in the journey of our organisation. 

Becoming a Legací Solar Ambassador is simple yet rewarding!

Ultimately, because we live in a predominantly sunny climate in this part of the world, using solar energy for affordable and reliable electricity should be a no-brainer for every homeowner. 

Now, the opportunity exists for anyone with access to potential homeowner customers, to introduce the consideration of solar, around the braai, over a round of drinks, at the children’s school match, during half-time of that derby you’ve been looking forward to all season, in the Post Office queue, or wherever, and convince them to enquire and ultimately sign up and purchase a solar system from Legací Power.

Your job is to convince someone to sign up for a solar system and you get rewarded
  • ZAR 2,500 every time someone you refer to us purchases a solar system in line with agreed terms and conditions - we call this a Tier 1 reference.
  • ZAR 1,000 when someone they refer to us also purchases a solar system - a Tier 2 reference, and similarly
  • ZAR 500 for every Tier 3 reference converted into a sale.

By starting early and leveraging a wide and relevant network, it’s easy to see how one can potentially make a reasonable passive income.

Referred customers also benefit from a ZAR 2,500 discount when purchasing a solar system under this programme. Very often this may be in addition to other promotional discounts already offered for the same purchase!

Enrolling is as simple as convincing a homeowner currently spending at least ZAR 1,500 per month, on household electricity to explore purchasing a rooftop Solar PV system from Legací Power and reminding them to quote your name and email address when they send their email, web, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn enquiry to us. We’ll handle the rest and make sure that when the sale goes through, you’re registered into our programme, acknowledged as a Legací Solar Ambassador, and rewarded for promoting cheaper cleaner power... faster!

In time, Legací Power will be supporting would be ambassadors with resources and tools, to help them sell and earn better - keep a regular eye on our website for these!

Join the revolution and become… The power to create a future!
Legací Power invests in and develops cheaper cleaner power... faster! 

Our interventions across the energy value chain are fuelled by a determination to deliver on this promise for the benefit of our customers, staff, investors, community at large, and planet earth.
Energise tomorrow… today!
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