Purchasing Residential Solar from Legací Power | 2018-03-16

Legací Power reports exciting interest in its recently launched residential rooftop solar solutions, as it continues to work towards making solar achievable for South African households.

Purchasing options have been crafted for simplicity and customer convenience, and deployment across the range necessarily requires greater energy use awareness by the homeowner, and includes a drive towards the optimisation of household electricity savings.

All options deliver grid-tied systems with standard autonomy storage, expandable on customer request.

Quotation for a customer’s preferred option is free on submission of twelve-months utility bill history, and exact physical address of the property - a consultation interview is often necessary for offer optimisation.

Our offering has launched for homeowners in Johannesburg initially, and is set to extend to the rest of the country at the earliest opportunity.
Legací Power invests in and develops cheaper cleaner power... faster! 

Our interventions across the energy value chain are fuelled by a determination to deliver on this promise to the benefit of our customers, staff, investors, community at large, and planet earth.
Energise tomorrow… today!
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