Legací Power Ramps-up Activities in South Africa Power Market | 2014-03-24

Legací Power is currently exploring investing in Southern African renewables project developments and acquisitions. 

Collaboration is planned with technology, financing, and operative project partners on both sole and joint-venture developments, of utility-scale open land projects in South Africa and surrounding countries.

These actions respond to a fundamental need for increased local competence and creativity in addressing one of the greatest impediments to the region's accelerated economic development - the shortage of reliable and sustainably produced electric power.

Regional facilitatory programmes  are led by the South Africa Department of Energy's increasingly successful Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP)  which has gained credibility internationally and for which, Management at Legací Power is currently evaluating suitable project opportunities with local and international partners.

Legací Power was founded in December 2012 as an international energy assets developer. Its operations divide the power value chain into two distinct vertical Sectors – Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution across which, are Activities of Advisory, Consultancy, Resources, Products, and Developments. In Power Generation, the main activity of Development concentrates on the development, structuring, financing and marketing of green and sustainable power generation infrastructure.