Legací Power Explores US Power Market | 2014-04-01

Legací Power is currently exploring investing in United States of America photovoltaic project developments and acquisitions. 

Collaboration is planned with financing and operative project partners on joint-venture developments, of utility-scale projects to power the State of California. 

These actions respond to opportunities arising out of enquiries driven by the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS), a programme that requires all sellers of electricity in California including publicly owned utilities (POUs), investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electric service providers (ESPs), and community choice aggregators (CCAs) to increase procurement from eligible renewable energy resources to 33% of total procurement by 2020.

Leading prospects include partnerships with key US participants in supplying up to 300MW of clean sustainably produced electric power, to Southern California. 

These pursuits are aligned with Legací Power's ambitious international business development perspective, and reflect the group's focus on developing a robust local business of global relevance and impact.

Legací Power was founded in December 2012 as an international energy assets developer. Its operations divide the power value chain into two distinct vertical Sectors – Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution across which, are Activities of Advisory, Consultancy, Resources, Products, and Developments. In Power Generation, the main activity of Development concentrates on the development, structuring, financing and marketing of sustainable power generation infrastructure.