Our Business

We create value for our customers by actualizing their energy ideas in a manner that lends predictability to their mission critical objectives and supports their success and sustainability.

We do this by mobilizing our portfolio of systems and products into robust project execution activities through methodologies and tools that improve project business performance and focus on successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Legací Power operations divide the upstream power value chain into two distinct vertical Sectors – Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution across which, are Activities of Advisory, Consultancy, Resources, Products, and Developments.


Generation Business Units currently include the following with the intention of broadening this range in response to market dynamics:

  • Fossil Plants: primarily Coal Fired Boiler plants.
  • Gas Plants: typically peaker oil burning plants.
  • Renewables: Solar Plants – Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) as well
    as Photovoltaic (PV), and Wind.
  • Turbomachines Product Line: our unique partnering relationships
    and manufacturing experience afford us the capability to deliver
    trusted brands of steam and gas turbines and generators for
    applications ranging from industrial use to large utility scale power
  • Auxiliary Product Line: through a global supply chain network, we
    are able to leverage our deep associations to deliver components
    that provide key life support, integration and control functions to
    the generating train including lube and control oil systems,
    protection systems and control systems.
  • The first three are Systems/Plant Integrator EPC Project Businesses with the last two being technology based Product Line businesses.

    Contact: generation@legacipower.com

    Transmission & Distribution (Network) Business Units currently encompass the following units which as for generation, are based on a modular scalable model:

  • Lines: full EPC inclusive of surveying, spotting, erection, dressing,
    and stringing across the distribution range of 0.4 kV to 88 kV,
    and transmission range of 132 kV to 750 kV.
  • Sub-stations: full EPC from distribution switching stations to 420 kV
    level sub-stations.
  • Structures: manufacture and supply of supporting structural
    framework for distribution and transmission lines as well as
    sub-station equipment.
  • Fittings & Hardware: manufacture and supply of all components
    including suspension and tension strings as well as insulator strings
    in glass, ceramic, and composite materials.
  • Conductors: manufacture and supply of OPGW, High Tensile Steel
    Earthwire, and Aluminium Clad Steel Conductor.
  • Power Products: Voltage & Current Transformers, Circuit Breakers,
    Disconnectors, Lightning Arrestors, Capacitors, Static VAr
    Compensators, Reactors, Protection and Control Panels, etc.
  • Thus of the six business Units, the first two are systems based EPC Project Businesses with the balance being Product Lines.

    Contact: transmission&distribution@legacipower.com



    We lend the benefit of our extensive industry network and development expertise to:

  • Stakeholders to the power infrastructure development value chain including private & public investors & financiers, service providers & product
    suppliers, private & public generation and transmission utilities.
  • Government policy makers and/or authorities with vested interest in infrastructural development.

  • Contact: advisory@legacipower.com


    As Turnkey Project Manager in Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPCm) development projects to:

  • Public & Private power asset developers inclusive of Electricity Utilities and Independent Power Producers and/or Transmission Infrastructure Owners.
  • Complementary infrastructure developers.

  • Contact: transmission&distribution@legacipower.com


    As a penetration strategy, by providing highly specialised and skilled resources into targeted execution areas in:

  • Infrastructure build and/or retrofit environments were experience is of the essence for quality delivery.
  • Infrastructure Service activities to reduce slippage risk and improve operational safety under tight outage conditions.
  • Operating environments in support of effective operations and skills development.

  • Contact: resources@legacipower.com


    By developing, owning and successfully running assets that employ and promote sustainable technologies and where possible promote the employment of renewable sources of energy in:

  • Power Generation
  • Power Transmission & Distribution

  • The Developments activity covers the full ambit of development from ideation, prospecting and feasibility, financing/fundraising and special purpose vehicle creation, to development, management and/or operation of infrastructure upto decommissioning or transfer.

    Contact: developments@legacipower.co.za